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Job Title:National Leadership Engagement LeadTell  Print
Industry:Not For Profit
Function:Business Intelligence
Location:New York, NY
Experience:10+ years
Position Type:Full Time
Summary:Based in Manhattan, the National Leadership Engagement Lead will report to the Chief Governance Officer, holding responsibility for both the internal and external management, engagement strategies and content provided for the Chief Governance Officer. The National Leadership Engagement Lead will provide strategic level governance support for board meetings, coordinating and integrating content from across the organization. S/he will facilitate external activities (i.e. council on boarding, talking points, etc.) and, as directed by the CEO, support the National Board Chair in her work in leading the board and the Movement. The National Leadership Engagement Lead will develop and support a Movement-wide strategy for engaging a host of constituents (National Board, National Delegates, Council CEOs and Board Chairs, etc.) to communicate key issues and advance the strategies of this non-profit organization. S/he will ensure that content is secured and shaped through communications from and to the various stakeholders.

Responsibilities:Key Duties:  Strategy Development: Use of the various engagement platforms in accomplishing strategic goals and making key decisions  Constituent Communications and Engagement: Creating and shaping of communications materials, webinars and other information resources  Governance Leadership and Execution: Content for reports, forums and Board education and development

Requirements:Knowledge and Skills • Excellent written and oral communications skills; ability to develop strategic documents for a wide array of audiences; ability to recognize and adhere to necessary protocol for engaging high-level audiences with diplomacy; ability to communicate effectively and respectfully with audiences from diverse cultural backgrounds. • Excellent relationship management skills and commitment to high quality stakeholder relations. • Excellent strategic orientation skills and understanding of complex contexts and wider organization picture; ability to develop, communicate and implement strategic plans and directions; ability to provide strategic advisory support to the Chief Governance Officer. • Excellent skills in managing disparate responsibilities with ability to make timely and sound decisions; ability to execute and/or delegate tasks and decision-making appropriately; ability to contribute effectively and substantively to the Office of the CEO. • Excellent interpersonal skills that foster strong teamwork and collaboration; ability to lead or participate in inter-departmental working groups. • Good understanding and commitment to our mission and principles, and ability to represent and communicate the strategy, vision and mandate of the organization, preferred. Qualifications • Bachelor’s degree; MBA preferred • Minimum of 10 years of demonstrated successful senior-level experience with non-profit, business development or other translatable entities, including governance • Demonstrated understanding and commitment to the values and mission of the organization • Deep business acumen and understanding of business strategies and principles • Excellent written and verbal communication skills including strong public speaking skills; high level experience working within the Executive Office • Tendency toward working within a dynamic environment; personally flexible and adaptable • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple priorities while delivering high quality results • Proven ability to influence and motivate others to take action by adapting personal leadership style • Critical thinker, problem-solver who focuses on continuous improvement; with the ability to help others see the bigger picture, connecting the appropriate “dots” • 20% travel

Contact:Doris Osenni

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